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Teaser Definition in Sports Betting

The term “teaser” is a common in the betting world. It means that a bonus is offered to bettors on any team playing, but those bonus funds are only at the discretion of the bookmaker for up to 30 minutes before they disappear or dry out.

According to the law of demand, people will purchase more of a product when given a discount. This is the same with sports betting. If a bookmaker offers teasers, the bets placed are more likely to be successful than any other type of bet. This is based on psychology and supply and demand factors. It is very likely that Best Thailand’s UFABET – UFA 728 gamblers will place more bets if they are given a discount because they think it will be profitable for them in the long run. In other words, the bookmaker is selling their product for less than its true value.


If a person is offered a teaser, this means that any outcome of either team in the game can be expected to have no effect on the lines of the bettor at all. The best example of this is if a team was to win by 40 points or lose by 40 points, but one cannot expect any effect on their odds.

Teaser Example

Example of a teaser in sports betting, an entry will say that the New York Giants should win by 20 points and the odds are set. The bettor knows that they do not want to win by 20 or lose by 20, so they might place a medium amount of money on it. The bookmaker is offering them a 40 point teaser because they know that winning by 40 points won’t affect their odds at all.

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