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Reasons Why Many Prefer Wax Melts Over Scented Candles

Back in the day, if you want to fill the room with the scent that you like, you use a scented candle. These days, there are now other options, like scented wax melts. You can now find quality wax melts online, like from Gracie Moon Scents. But before you visit and add items to your cart, here are the reasons why you too should prefer wax melts.

Safe Because It’s Flame-Free

Unlike scented candles, wax melts are safer because it does not use flame. The wax melts will only require a wax melt warmer plugged into the electrical outlet. The warmer has a small light or a built-in heater that emits the warmth needed to melt the wax. This means that no fire is involved. The wax melts are warmed using the warmer, and in just 5 to 10 minutes, it will fill the room with the scent from the wax.

Longer Burn Time Than Candles

Burn time is affected by the type of wax you are using, the amount of fragrance oil in it, the flashpoint, and the size of the wax or candle. Many believe that wax melts have a longer burn time than scented candles. A 16oz scented candle, for example, can burn from 60 to 84 hours. On the other hand, the wax melts have an expected burn time of 450 hours for a 16oz pack of wax chips or cubes.

Cheaper Than Candles

Now that you have the burn time comparison between your two options, it is safe to say that you can save more if you prefer to use wax melts. You can get up to five times more burn time per ounce than an ordinary candle with wax melts. This means that you will be spending less money and enjoy more of the candle wax.

Convenient To Use

Scented candles do not apply to most spaces, especially those with young children and pets. That is not the same with wax melts and wax warmers usually allowed because there’s no flame involved. Whether in the office, condos, apartments, or other places that do not allow fire, you can use wax melts instead.

Now that you know why you should start using wax melts check out your options online. At Gracie Moon Scents, you can pick from various wax melts and scents that you prefer. They also have scented candles if you want to try them too.


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