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What is people management?
We distinguish between a manager – a person who leads, motivates, hires, fires and unlocks people’s potential and an HR – a person who creates frameworks for a manager.
Actually, management exists in two paradigms – subject to object relations and subject to subject cooperation.

In case of object relations, the other person is perceived as the one that satisfies the first person’s needs.

As a result, there appears:
🔸 dependence,
🔸 alienation,
🔸 self-absorption.

In case of subject relations, the other person has his own wishes, interests and needs and there are feelings of:
🔸 independence,
🔸 connectedness,
🔸 reciprocity.

The human brain consists

of three parts:

  • Brain Stem,
  • Limbic System,
  • Cortex.

They all work simultaneously.

The worst employee is the person who is dependent on you and does not want to get fired, on the other side, independence is when a person has a choice but still he wants to stay and work for you.

The human brain consists of three parts: Brain Stem, Limbic System and Cortex.

They all work simultaneously.
🔹 The Brain Stem works in stressful situations, it is responsible for immediate individual reactions within a couple of seconds.
🔹 The Limbic System is present in all mammals and it is responsible for our social activity, emotions and group survival. The person’s major motivation is a need to be accepted, people strives for cooperation and then they feel alive. There also appears domination or submission in any group of people.

🔹 Finally, only humans have got Cortex. It learns, compares the facts and analyses. Only humans are able to do the planning and to do things consciously.

рената цитата

Erich Fromm in his famous article “A Man is not a Thing” states that things can be dismembered, then re-assembled and used again. But people cannot be manipulated without harm. Consumerism is spread nowadays. Social mechanisms cultivate “thing/object” approach and consumerism in relations. It does not refer to material things only, but also we consume people and we consume ourselves to a big extent. But a man is not a thing. We need to change this approach, otherwise the life will change us.

Consumerism is actually indifferent to things as such. Fashion, prestige and comfort really matters. Everything is replaceable in our society: clothes, friends, wives, business partners, commitments, values.

💡 IT destroys approximately from ten to twenty professions a month.

There are two world trends: automatization and humanization on the other hand.

They refer to corporate and social responsibility, and employment responsibility. Employees should be conscious to skill their employees to be ready for the future, as we have enough jobs but not enough skills. People should move towards one another.

People Management is a myth actually.

Oprah Winfrey said:

Leadership is about sympathy. It is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purposes of inspiring and empowering their lives.

Ultimate goal of human life is full of personal development. You can help others to find their purpose. Care, responsibility, respect and understanding – basis for future people connections. Humankind moves from narcissism consumerism to emphatic collaboration.

Servant Leaders – the world organization.

The new trend is – the people successful in business should have mutual responsibility.