COO Axelerate Sourcing

COO Johan Vermij from Axelerate Sourcing is an experienced IT manager with an affection for new technology. As a project manager he has been involved in global innovation projects and has co-authored several books such as “The End of Privacy” and “Me the Media”

He is a frequently asked speaker on new technology, such as Augmented Reality for Education, Virtual Worlds for Insurance Companies, Mobile for Publishing and Social Collaboration for HR. As an early adopter he is always looking for added business value and capable of creating sound business cases.

TOPIC: How to deal with Procurement of big US and European companies

If you want to do business with large companies in Europe and the USA, you often have to deal with procurement offices instead of the people who want to hire your expertise. How does it work? What are tips and tricks? And how can you get past them? In his presentation Johan explains how the procurement works and has a look at the emerging trends