How to hack sales in europe with new gdpr environment

Manuel de Vits
Founder and managing director
at Valyman Consulting; Board Advisor of Worldpololy
What is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)? Two years ago the European Union decided to admit the new law on personal data protection of their citizens. In 1990s, a kind of such law appeared for the first time, when the document Privacy Policy was added to all the web- sites.

The GDPR – is the new European regulation on personal data protection with extra-territory validity, applying to all the companies around the world that process the personal data of the European citizens. It does not refer only to spamming, although it was provoked by huge amounts of advertisements online. This means that you have the right to disappear from someone’s contact list. The company should receive the approval from the person, for example, to send an e-mail like: “Do you want to receive the following information further on?”

💡As a sales person you cannot even realize the chance that you have using the social media.
What is social selling?

  • Being on social media does not mean you are selling – it is only part of the whole process.
  • Be careful not to get lost in all photos, comments, likes, etc.

Social Selling – is when salespeople use social media to sell. The heart of social selling is not specially sending messages and creating content, to contact with people, it means to bring your company in front of your target audience.

  • Finding prospects on social media and connecting with them;
  • Creating and sharing content;
  • Optimizing your profile – look professional, as people want to work with professionals;
  • Growing your network to find prospect or referrals;
  • Researching prospects and companies;
  • Building a personal brand on social media;
  • Messaging via social media.

In case you are a salesperson:

Stop sending newsletters, or at least send them once a month. Spending hours connecting, commenting and liking is not worth the time spent.


You do not sell on social media, even if you think you do, and even the term is “social selling”.

Social media is for building relations and bringing communications – not for selling.

How social media will actually help you with GDPR:

  • Legal Safety – Avoid spam accusations;
  • Business Benefits – More disclosure and trust; Communications are more authentic.

Some final tips:

In your message you should address the customer and talk about his company, not yours, make this message as personal as possible, though using one template. A good salesperson succeeds in finding connection where the majority do not. Some of the successful sales people who use Facebook in their job, now are using video messages that are 8 times more effective then typed messages.