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The differences between ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and renovation.

The differences between ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and restructuring have never been well defined and are not even so clear-cut: to understand when it is an ordinary intervention and when instead of an extraordinary one, or a major work, it is necessary to refer to the Consolidated Text Construction, i.e. the art. 3 of Presidential Decree n.380/2001. On the contrary, the consolidated building text even classifies as many as 6 categories of building intervention :

ordinary maintenance;

Extraordinary maintenance;

restoration and conservative rehabilitation;

building renovation;

new construction;

urban restructuring drywall contractors.

Knowing and understanding the differences between these different types also leads to making the right choices in terms of applying for permits , accessing tax deductions , paying VAT on materials and labour, accessing local or national incentives and any payment of charges.

When it comes to routine maintenance and renovations

Ordinary maintenance and renovation works are all those that involve the repair , renovation and replacement of building finishes (such as doors, windows and floors) as well as those that integrate or maintain existing technological systems efficient, from heating to electric.

In general terms, and without prejudice to local specificities whose existence it is always advisable to verify by contacting the Technical Office of your Municipality, when it comes to repair and/or maintenance work on a building or an apartment, the in ordinary maintenance and renovation.

What are the ordinary maintenance and renovation works

If by restructuring and ordinary maintenance we mean precisely all the works aimed at maintaining the efficiency of the building or home, then the following are rightfully included among these:

replacement of bathroom fixtures;

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the reconstruction of the electrical system in accordance with the law;

adding a wall lamp;

the replacement of a water drain descender;

the addition of a sink in the bathroom;

the painting of the walls;

plaster replacement;

replacing the tiles in the bathroom

replacement of fixtures, doors and windows

the installation of an armored door.

Although the Consolidated Building Act is not so explicit, many judicial decisions and local building codes consider this type of work as ordinary maintenance and renovation and, as such, no building permits of any kind are required.

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