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What to Eat Before Yoga Teacher Training

A common misconception that a lot of different kinds of people have about yoga teacher training is that it is supposed to be done on an empty stomach. The thing is, this is a bit of an oversimplification of an idea that might actually be grounded in reality. The idea that we are referring to is that you shouldn’t be too full while you are doing yoga since this can make it difficult for you to move due to the cumbersome presence of your distended belly.

However, you shouldn’t take this to suggest that going to Marianne Wells Yoga School without eating a little bit first is the way to go. The reason behind this is that yoga is a relatively energy intensive thing to do, and it will make you burn more calories than might have been the case otherwise. That means that trying to do it without having consumed some healthy food would be a grave error, and it might make you too weak to maintain the poses without compensating for it with bad form and numerous other things in that vein.

It’s best to find a middle ground here by eating a very light meal. A yogurt bowl that has some fruit and nuts chopped into it should do the trick. The nuts and yogurt will provide much needed protein, and the fruit will give you fiber as well as some necessary sugar that your body will use to power you through the rest of your training session. You should eat this light meal right before you leave so that it digests during your commute to your training center and leaves you feeling extremely refreshed.

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