Essentials to Be Considered For Bulk Transportation
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Essentials to Be Considered For Bulk Transportation

For a business, shipping is a crucial way to get products and supplies to wholesale customers, retailers, or any other company. bulk freight transport may be used for these types of shipments when the weight of the items makes it more cost-effective than shipping individual items in packages. This article will cover what things are considered for bulk transportation and how to estimate if this option would be worth it for you.

1. What items are considered for bulk transportation?

Some items can be shipped in bulk, while others can’t. When shipping out items, ask your company’s sales rep, who will have the best idea of which products would be ideal as bulk shipments.

2. What if the item is irregular or irregularly shaped?

If you have a product that fits into a regular box, then there is no problem sending it as a bulk shipment. If you have something that is not easily fit into a box, that item may not be used for bulk shipping.

3. How to estimate what weight is considered for bulk shipment?

Knowing how much an individual package weighs is essential to determine if shipping it out in bulk would make sense. It’s also important to know how much a separate container will weigh after it has been opened and then re-stuffed. Ensure you have these factors in mind before moving forward with bulk shipping.

4. Rules for bulk shipping

Any durable goods travelling in a truck or on a boat should be inspected before being shipped out. This is because fragile items can be damaged during shipping (like road trips). If the item you are shipping has any writing on it, it should also have this removed before it is loaded onto a truck or boat. Your company’s sales manager may have specific procedures to follow when shipping these items out in bulk.

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5. Examples of items considered for bulk transportation

  • Meat, seafood and produce are delivered in size.
  • Precut fruits and vegetables are packaged in bulk containers specifically for their type of produce.
  • Smaller-sized cartons are used for shipping CDs and DVDs as individual packages (even though these items could be considered for bulk shipping).

Companies should also consider if they will have to remove the items from their containers before emptying them into another container or storing them until they can be opened (federal regulations do not require this, but it is recommended to ensure that all products go into your truck or bulk shipment container).


Bulk shipping is a cost-saving option for getting a product from wholesale and retail locations. That said, it is essential to consider the limit of how much you can fit into a container before you go forward with bulk freight transport.

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