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As the temperatures start to climb, you might find yourself looking for a cool way to relax. And what better way to slack off than with some board games?

So here are some of our favorite tabletop titles that will keep the whole family busy this summer.


Filled with unpredictable plot twists and edge-of-your-seat excitement, Pandemic is an absolute classic at situs judi online bandarqq. It’s the story of how four scientists race around the world trying to contain deadly viruses before it’s too late. Players must work together as a team, dividing up tasks and sharing information in order to save humanity from certain doom. But there can only be one winner… so don’t be surprised if tempers flare as players accuse each other of sabotaging their plans. The game is won and lost in the details, so communication and strategy will help you come out on top. And when all the pandemic cards have been used up, you can play again and mix things up by trying a different difficulty level or even mixing in expansions to add an entirely new layer to your game!

Ticket to Ride

A classic rail-building game that challenges players’ geographical knowledge as well as puzzle-solving skills, this one will keep everyone occupied on long car rides or train journeys. The goal of the game is simple: collect sets of colored cards representing cities across North America and use them to claim railway routes across the board. The longer the routes, the more points you’ll score at the end of the game – but watch out, because if another player owns a route that you need to complete your set, you’ll have to pay up! But no worries: in this game money is easy to come, easy go. So, it’s possible for players with less foresight to catch up later with some good ol’ fashioned debt-collecting.

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