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Different materials used to make football

The first step in learning to play football is to find the correct ball for your skill level and playing style. It’s an essential component of one of the most popular football team.

This oblong piece of sports equipment can be loved by athletes, children, and parents alike, but whether you’re preparing to bring home a title on the field or packing the car for your next tailgate, not all footballs are created equal. So, before you buy any Official NFL Football, here are a few crucial features to look for.

Starting with the topmost layer, the materials used to make your football can have a considerable impact on its value and lifespan. Most footballs are made from one of three materials: foam, rubber (synthetic leather), or genuine leather. Each has unique traits that cater to diverse purposes, allowing anyone to have fun while tossing the old pigskin around.


Foam footballs are inexpensive and lightweight. Because of the soft material, they are ideal for young children when using to toss and catch, as well as for more limited settings, such as in a small yard near windows or between vehicles at a tailgate. Higher-quality foam can also be utilized for recreational purposes.

Rubber or synthetic

Rubber and synthetic leather options are excellent choices for those looking for a long-lasting, effective football that won’t break the wallet. These materials are far more durable than foam and far less expensive than pure leather football.

Pure leather

Pure leather footballs are thought to be of the greatest quality. This Official NFL Football feature an innate tackiness due to the tanning method used in preparing the leather, making them very easy to grip when dry. Genuine leather footballs are also the most durable option, but that robustness comes at a premium cost. The majority of leather footballs should only be used for gameplay or dedicated practice.

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