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Money is always important for the humankind

Money is one of humanity’s most essential inventions. It has grown to such that the modern economy is referred to as the money economy. Nobody can live without money in this world. It is because if you need to buy something you need to buy it in exchange for duit banyak.

 Initially, the trade happened by the exchange of things, the buyer and the seller will have their products. If the buyer needs something they will give the things that the buyer has with them. Later on, money was introduced and till now we use the money for buying what we need. If you don’t have money then you cannot buy anything. It means that one has to earn a living.

If you need to buy the desired things you have to have some money in your hand. You can get money by working someplace. With your qualification, you can join a job and later on you will b paid for it. You can be paid daily or weekly or monthly. It all depends on the job you are working at.

To get basic needs like food and shelter you must need duit banyak. Everyone in this world is trying to earn more money because they need to continue their desired life. The term rich and poor is segregated with the money you have with you. If you need to be rich you must earn more or you must save more. It means you must have more money even after your monthly expenses.

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