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Building an Effective Marketing Positioning Strategy

To be successful in today’s competitive market, you need to have a well-rounded marketing strategy. Your marketing efforts need to include everything from website design and content creation to social media management and lead gen. However, it can be challenging to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this top 5 guide on building an effective marketing positioning strategy.

Let’s take a look at each section in more detail.

Focus on Core Products. Try and develop a web page with around three or four different areas of interest to potential clients, but keep everything within the realm of your core offerings. Then, further, develop those pages as marketing tools to identify specifically targeted leads and engage these people deeper. There is always one or two features that are your competitive edge.

Get to Know the Competition. Do plenty of research about your leading competitors, their websites, and known faults/advantages before you set out with a business plan for launch day. Compare your website to the services you offer, and then start having informal conversations with potential customers about what makes their businesses tick.

Stack Up Without Depriving Yourself. Start building up social media channels while seeking ways to establish a strong presence on other platforms so that you won’t neglect anyone’s avenue until you have everything else polished – social media included. Add it as another channel into your marketing strategy whenever possible; this will present new opportunities for engagement and better visibility simply due to over-usage by other companies.

Social Media Makes it Possible. You should align your social channels with your other major content channels to enhance the user experience and make a positive statement about your brand (social amplification). Social media is also one of the key channels you should include in that direct positioning in marketing plan at this stage.

Continuous Search Engine Optimization of Your Unique Web Presence. As work begins to generate results and go-to lists start showing, be sure to implement continuous optimization of visibility in both the SERPs (search engine search results) and the URL. Consider integrating an up over blog integration like Wordtracker to write competitive blog posts that you may want people to see for various positive reasons and then share via social media. The latest reviews will announce the best and lowest prices from users who trust their judgment based on these typically high rankings. This indicates reliability in all other (#socialseo) areas of #trust, just as your previous customers do.

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