What do you need to know about building a home?
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What do you need to know about building a home?

According to Chip Perschino, senior vice president of construction at Edward Andrew Homes, there is nothing more exciting than building a house from start to finish. From the foundation to the framing, he says, our homeowners enjoy seeing the home take shape. As soon as the drywall is in place, homeowners begin envisioning how they will live in the house and how they will use it imagining what furniture they will put where and how they will entertain friends and family in https://www.premierbuildersny.com/home-builders-manhasset.

As Perschino says, the couple plays around with the design of their home to ensure that it reflects their family’s needs and tastes. The culmination of that process is incredibly rewarding for them. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of what happens at each key stage of the construction of your new home so that you are prepared for and understand what is happening during the process. Check with https://www.premierbuildersny.com/home-builders-manhasset.


In Perschino’s opinion, buyers should schedule an appointment with their agent or project manager to view the home at any stage. As part of the safety concerns or limitations a house may have while it is under construction, we suggest it be by appointment. It also allows us to offer a one-on-one conversation that may not be possible via email.

A builder obtains a permit and applies for it: It takes the local government to approve a builder’s design and give him permits for everything from the zoning and grading to the septic system, home construction, electrical work, and plumbing to allow him to put a shovel in the ground before he can begin. A builder can begin physical construction once permits have been obtained.

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