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Some of the Famous Restaurants Available in Hanoi City

Hanoi is one of the most beautiful heritage cities in the world and also the capital of Vietnam country. This place has a lot of sightseeing spots hence the people who visit the place will not have any disappointment. Vietnam’s foods are world-famous and there are popular restaurants are existed and provide adorable foods. Since the city is connected with the multicultural community of china, France, and Russia the food served in this place also hasa connection to those cultures. Also, Hanoi food has a strong influence from the world culture on their foods. The visitors can get all kinds of experiences with respect to food from French dining to local special. Let us see brief details on some of the restaurants in Hanoi city.

La Terrasse Du Metropole: it is one of the best and finest restaurants which is located in Hanoi city. The advantage of this restaurant is the culture and class which are closely associated with the traditional. French dishes are more famous in theserestaurants.

Highway 4: This restaurant exists in the city which is famous for its ambiance also its proper Vietnamese menu. Also, its large menu with its culinary heritage is an attractive one. The special food in the highway 4 restaurants is catfish spring rolls.

Sen 60 Ly Thai: It is famous for its sophistication with a buffet dinner that will impress most of the people who visitthis particular restaurant. The service offered by these restaurants will be seamless. This has three other branches in the same city.

The visitors can use the international airport (noibai)to move out of the city to visit other places in Vietnam.To reach the airport quickly and conveniently they may book a car to noibai dat xe di noi bai.

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