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HRIS is a human resource information system where the organized method of providing information about human resources their functions external factors relevant to managing human resources. The hris software contains personal history name date of birth sex and work history west salary first day worked employment status position in the organization appraisal data and no full preorganization information

The objective of the HRIS information system

To provide accurate information about the human resource and their functioning relevant element factors which is timely information and desired information at a reasonable cost the most efficient Method of processing data.

Implement HRIS:

To run the business, it is important to generate a lot of information and to secure the information in the system it will also reduce the amount of paper-generated work the employees are the biggest asset to store their private personal information safely and securely.

hris software

System of HRIS:

Payroll information

Appraisal information

Personal research information

Manpower planning information

Administration information

Recruitment information

Training information

Applications of HRIS:

Data Management:

A good data management system involves editing the data. The process operation is classifying analyzing summarizing editing the data. The storage of data indexing coding and filing of the information.

Job description:

It is touched to produce printouts that describe jobs according to their specifications and information input into the system. The minimum job description includes job title purpose duties and responsibilities.

HR planning:

The demands for a future key for jobs as well as employee turnovers and the patterns of Inter patterns organizational mobility.


 This recruitment selection and placement functions include the following modules applicant tracking job posting job requirements analysis job person matching.

The success of the planning:

The report information on the availability of competent candidates for the key position also helps in identifying candidates for which position and the development needs of the candidate and where they fall short of the requirement for a target job.

The training and development:

This includes career planning development needs analysis and development advisor.

The performance appraisal:

It helps manage to direct the employees to achieve organizational goals and develop their competencies which include following performance assessments goals accomplishments reward management

Job evaluation:

It also adds a computer-assisted job evaluation system and manages to determine job evaluation points or classification levels and job hierarchies.


They will be regular feedback regarding the actual functioning of HRIS it must be for the designers to fill up the gap between the planning and implementation, therefore, the system should be continuously reviewed considering changes in the environment both within the organization and outside the organization.


Rapid computing technology has allowed more transactions to occur with fewer fixed resources. The technologies of early mainframes provided significant efficiencies in these areas. The difference is that the record processing efficiencies that there only available to large firms are already readily available to any organization size.Technology is designed to improve effectiveness in terms of the accuracy of the information the technology simplifies the process however onerous manner reconciliation process might be executed faster but also with perfect accuracy using the automated system. The usage of computer technology in these processes ensures the accurate result.

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