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3 advantages of obtaining the exclusivity of sale on a property

Different agreements can be stipulated between the owner of a property and the agency: those that provide for the exclusive sale by the chosen real estate agency, or on the contrary only verbal agreements that give the client the possibility to entrust the task to a any number of other agencies.

Why is it counterproductive for the owner not to give exclusivity to the agency?

A professional agent has every right to have exclusivity in the sale or rental of a property for the simple fact that he will put more effort into investing resources, money and energy to achieve the desired result. It becomes immediately clear that on the contrary, giving the verbal sale to all possible agencies can be advantageous in terms of territoriality, but counterproductive from other points of view https://www.pioneerhb.com/we-buy-houses-waco-tx/

In this case, each agency will do the minimum necessary to obtain a result and in the negotiation phase with the customer will obviously tend to prefer the latter for the final agreements, lowering the price if necessary in order to take home the contract.

On the other hand, having the exclusive right to a property means creating a relationship of greater trust with the owner and therefore having an already strong input in trying to sell/rent the property.

The advantages of giving exclusivity to an agency

So let’s see what are the concrete advantages that occur when an owner entrusts the exclusive sale of a property to a professional agency.

  1. Greater commitment and greater probability of sale

Let’s put ourselves in the owner’s shoes for a moment: it is clear that he would have every interest in not giving exclusivity for a rather long period of time, as this precludes the possibility of selling or renting it to friends, family and personal contacts.

  1. Ability to invest more in marketing

The goal is to sell or rent as quickly as possible. By giving exclusivity to an agency, the owner must be aware of the massive marketing actions that we can implement to achieve the result

  1. Collaborations with other professionals

This advantage is good to remind the owner who has to choose whether or not to give exclusivity to an agency: the professionals actively collaborate with each other to achieve the objectives

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